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    QUEEN OF THE NIGHT/ LA REINE DE LA NUIT BrassiereThe sexy wireless bra is an invitation to seduction. The graphic bands play a crisscross effect at the back, and come together as a necklace in a pretty gold clasp. The chest is visible under a vertiginous neckline with rich embroidered braids. • Bra without underwire • Ties on the front,...

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    QUEEN OF THE NIGHT/ LA REINE DE LA NUIT Plunge bra with scarf The Plunge Foulard bra features a deep neckline adorned with rich ornamental embroidery. A set of removable bands connected by pretty golden rings brings a sensual contrast for a sculptural and terribly seductive look. • Plunging model, scarf shape, push-up effect • Cups with...

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    QUEEN OF THE NIGHT/ LA REINE DE LA NUIT Half cup bra The legendary half cup bra is breathtakingly seductive. A removable collar adorned with a small toggle offers a terribly sensual allure, while the bust blooms, plunging, under the ornamental embroidery. On the back, the graphic bands complete the glamor of this piece. • Iconic basket shape,...

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    QUEEN OF THE NIGHT/ LA REINE DE LA NUIT Tanga The Tanga seduces with its transparency and sensuality. The ornamental embroidery adorns the front with their rich braid enhanced with a small set of graphic bands. At the back, a lacing adorned with gold rings bares the skin before the very sexy cutout. • Tanga shape, waist at the hips, wider on the...

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    QUEEN OF THE NIGHT/ LA REINE DE LA NUIT Shorty St-TropezThe Saint-Tropez shorty reinvents itself in all the sensuality of the Queen of the Night. A play of graphic bands adorned with golden rings subtly reveals the intimacy, while the volutes of ornamental embroidery bloom in the hollow of the hips. • Shorty shape, low waist, wide on the sides...

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    QUEEN OF THE NIGHT Italian pantiesThe richness of the Italian panties captivates the eyes. A stunning lace set adorns the front while the velvet of the skin is revealed at the back under a set of graphic bands, for a sculptural and sensual allure. • Model of panties with decorative festoon on the buttocks • Rigid embroidered braid • Lycra...

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    QUEEN OF THE NIGHT/ LA REINE DE LA NUIT Waist cincherThis exceptional waist cincher with removable suspenders divinely complements the sets of the Queen of the Night. It marks the waist with a sculptural allure, under an exquisite refinement of ornamental embroidery adorned with a subtle play of golden rings. An exquisite brandenburg completes...

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    QUEEN OF THE NIGHT/ LA REINE DE LA NUIT BodyThis breathtaking, underwired bodysuit completes the Reine de la Nuit line in style. All in embroidery, it adorns the neckline with a rich lace braid. The back and the waist are adorned with graphic bands linked by pretty golden buckles. • Body without underwire while embroidery • Tie at the crotch...

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items