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  • Antica Sartoria
    Antica Sartoria HISTORY OF THE BRAND ANTICA SARTORIAIn the famous 60's, Positano, besides being a hippy phenomenon, experimented and created the interesting phenomenon: "Positano Fashion".When you left the city for a walk on the beach, often one did not feel at ease, due to inappropriate clothing, as magically, the climate of this golden bay is always soft, then left in Search for sarongs, shorts, shorts, bikinis and everything that could be used on the beach or on the boat.So the first ceramic shops, souvenirs, etc ... Have been searched for this type of requests. As the inhabitants were traders of origin, they created the famous "Positano Fashion" bringing to the success the designers of the region, carving scarves, linen or cotton towels, and sometimes even ruining the bridal trousers, transforming very fine sheets embroidered to Hand and old lace or crocheted tablecloths, in very elegant evening dresses.This extravagant fashion is appreciated from the first moments, because it was different and unthinkable by the local designers. The "pezzari" (Neapolitan designer), helped by the beauty of the place, had a number of extravagant and wealthy customers, but with a great desire for "diversity", went to stock up on the flea markets, finish.They were the improvisational commercial designers themselves who helped entrepreneurs like Benetton and Fiorucci, to invent the dyed garment to give more choice of colors, importing the Indian gauze mixed with old lace stolen from the shops, Calling attention to many designers Producing white garments and giving a myriad of colors according to the needs of the customers, own in Positano.Many small shops were born like the mushrooms, and in one of them, Giacomo Cinque expresses all his love to the embroideries and the art, realizing even in extravagant garments of clothes and still unpublished.And so to always make unique clothes, rolled the various antique markets, and joins Riccardo Ruggiti and together opened Antica Sartoria shops on the beach of Positano, either in the center of the village, in the "Piazza dei Mulini" Where the ritual is to redo the suitcases to continue the vacations.Given the need and lack of designers and shops, and the continuous discovery of new places to produce, with our taste and our culture, we kept the prices affordable for a tourist attentive to the details, but always with the suitcase open.Thus we produce all over the world and sell to the whole world, but with the heart, culture and spirit of Positano.In the famous 1960s, in addition to Positano being a hippy phenomenon, experimented and created the interesting phenomenon: "Positano Fashion".
  • Artimaglia
    Artimaglia is a trademark of Madiva Group Madiva is a family business established in 1953, the famous capital of wool and madiva has been specialized from its origin in the realization of first quality Italian underwear. Absolutely made in Italy! The factory with about 8000 sqm, includes the entire production cycle: starting from the weaving of the raw materials to the manufacture of the article, passing through the designer study and the meticulous check article by article . The power of Madiva depends on a ten-year-long experience in the choice of materials, in the use of high- precision machineries and in a highly specialized staff regarding the quality control: a perfect union between tradition and innovation, which can be noted concretely in an excellent quality/price relationship.
  • Barandi
    Barandi is a family company with headquarters in Barcelona. A clear entrepreneurial spirit, whose principles are the dream, the effort, the teamwork and the direct contact between the sales network and the customers.They create contemporary pieces, with fabrics and colors perfectly coordinated and in full harmony. Their wide experience and know-how allow them to offer their customers a wide range of models very comfortable and adapted to each situation.Barandi makes two collections a year (summer-winter) for women and men, including a line "homewear", another of pajamas and a third of dressing gowns; as well as two collections of dresses and fashion.It is thanks to their efforts, to the satisfaction and loyalty of their customers, that the company is positioned as one of the leaders on the market.
  • Boglietti
    The story of Boglietti is a fascinating story that has lasted for one hundred and fifty years (1867), but is still current and contemporary. Giuseppe Boglietti, the founder, was a modern, visionary man, passionate about yarns and technology. Today, he would have looked at his company with admiration, because the passion for perfection, style and innovation still characterize the brand. They always keep this spirit and love to pass it on to others.
  • Chiara Fiorini
    The Chiara Fiorini brand is the expression of an authentic Italian style, understood as natural elegance, research and creativity for a sophisticated woman who loves femininity, who likes to feel good inside and out. Chiara Fiorini is a Family business which since 1980 has rigorously created everything in Italy, thanks to the expert hands of Ada Gallo and its deep artisanal experience, from the research phase to the study of materials and fabrics, until creation of prototypes and attention to detail, each phase the production of clothing takes place inside the headquarters at the gates of Bologna.
  • Club Voltaire
    The strength of the brand Club Voltaire is in the tradition of sewing. Collections brand is characterized by rigorous lines, clean cuts and fine fabrics for a modern woman, chic and sophisticated.
  • Dana Pisarra

    Dana Pisarra, a family-owned Italian brand, is a celebration of exceptional taste and creative enthusiasm. The Pisarra family, based just outside the Italian fashion capital of Milan, has been designing and producing lingerie for over 50 years. Dana Pisarra dares to always be innovative while remaining dedicated to its original fundamentals of Italian style, quality, and craftsmanship. The tradition of the Dana Pisarra brand prides itself on impeccable quality and a dedication to natural fibers. Each Dana garment is made from only the finest materials, from smooth lisle yarn and pure silk to finely ribbed cotton, to provide unparalleled comfort and wearability. The traditional artisan approach of Dana Pisarra shows in each collection of knitwear, where nothing is compromised. By revisiting classic styles with this artisanal approach, Dana Pisarra lingerie mixes luxury with function, injecting a contemporary, casual feel into timeless, elegant underpinnings. Dana Pisarra is exquisite intimate apparel that stands for beauty, elegance and comfort.

  • Egatex : Loungewear et...

    Egatex : Loungewear et Prêt à Porter

  • Ermanno Scervino
    Ermanno Scervino Maison founded in 2000 in Florence, has become a synonym of Made in Italy quality and International style. Since the beginning of the brand, passion – support of creative research – has been the driving force of the company’s strategy. Constant interaction between know how and experimentation in a product that brings together craftsmanship, excellence and innovation. In 2007 the headquarter was opened in the hilly environs of Florence. The atelier, research and prototype laboratories, knitwear and finished garments departments are grouped together in the new premises so that they are constantly in sync with the brands style concepts. This is to the benefit of Ermanno Scervino’s working strategy, which is to be directly engaged in the development of his research, remaining in contact with all of the phases of workmanship. The new headquarters also houses the offices in charge of administration, manufacturing, distribution and logistics for the entire group. This provides dynamism in the manufacturing aspect, a process of industrialization that makes it possible to obtain a non-standardized, high-quality product.

    Born in Milan, grown up between Florence and Cortina, his professional training allowed him to live and breathe the atmosphere of the coolest cities of 70’s and 80’s: from Paris – his second home, to the New York of Andy Warhol, from London to the boho-chic Ibiza as well – treasuring beauties, trends and style that his professional life taught him. Finally Florence – his home of choice – where he decided that he would dress the most beautiful women in the World. Self-taught, after a stint in Paris followed by a period studying architecture in Italy, he learnt everything he knows from Italian mentors in the fields of luxury goods and fashion design. Trained in all the best techniques, he worked with the most prestigious workshops and designers using the most beautiful fabrics, matching them in a unique and new way, prestigious and glam. After several years of experience and professional growth, he felt the time had come to found his own self-financing label and use it as a medium of expressing his taste for architecture – but only this time, for that of the body. Right from the start, he was full of originality; aiming to offer sporty couture styling based on evening jackets, fitted like corsets, sophisticated, rare, and as treasured as pieces of lingerie. Italian women snapped them up without a second glance. Right from the very first catwalk show, orders came flooding in. All the best boutiques wanted to sell this new designer who captured the spirit of the times; offering iconoclastic, free-spirited and innovative luxury, with no danger of unexpected combinations of fabrics and cuts.The technique he applied to sportswear was an immediate success. The Ermanno Scervino style was launched. From his childhood home in the Cortina mountains, Ermanno Scervino found his way, via the most chic streets of Italy to the gala premières at La Scala in Milan, and then in others in Europe and the rest of the world.

  • Lisanza
    Today however, the "Lisanza" brand name is present throughout the world synonymous with a "product guaranteed" at every level as the firm grew, corsetry and lingerie were added to the traditional knitwear articles. The firm produces articles with equal skill in wool, silk, lisle thread and linen.
  • Luna Di Giorno - Leisure
    Luna di Giorno line is a unique line of beachwear and homewear products; this collection covers the needs of the stores that require premium quality products, that are unique in their design. Exclusive coordinate lines, designs, accuracy in the confection, comfort and softness are the adjectives that better describe this Italian-made collection from the finest selection of fabrics, exquisite embroideries, prints and laces where the tradition and the classic taste are combined with innovation, new trends and styles. Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter collections are composed of many complete lines (woman and man), each consisting of a wide range of bathrobes, towels, pareo, sea towels, poncho, turban, head band, slippers, shoes, thongs, pochettes, bags, household items, gift ideas, all coordinated each other. The items are produced in precious terry loop fabrics, velour terry fabrics and waffle, embellished with embroideries, prints, trimmings, fittings, details, always in new and different colours and with modeling that range from the most classic to the most particular. Nobody can offer such complete and coordinate lines in the beachwear and homewear sectors, lines that are the result of our 48 years experience. All the collections are completely made in Italy.
  • Marybloom
    What is sweeter in early spring as the collection of swimwear, kaftans and beach outfits inspired by 70's Marybloom young Italian brand? The crochet bikinis like muslin cotton tunics, linen and lace are a diabolical lightness that perfectly evokes the libertarian spirit that blew in the 70's, as well as manufacturing 100% Handmade claimed by the brand. A bohemian-rock spirit that gives this collection its uniqueness and gives it an unmistakable charm, though some beaches are better suited than others to harbor these disturbing bikinis.
  • Max Mara Leisure
    Max Mara a luxury design made in Italy Max Mara Leisure new collection 2020 The Max Mara house founded in 1951 specializes in ready-to-wear clothing. The particularity of the brand is that the design of the lines is entrusted to a creative team whose identity is never revealed. So the biggest names in fashion have secretly collaborated with Max Mara such as Emanuelle Khanh, Karl Lagerfeld, Dolce & Gabbana, Narciso Rodriguez, Moschino and Proenza Schouler.
  • Moretta
    The Company C.M.A. MORETTA, founded in 1954, implements its own production process in the company owned in Busto Arsizio, a city in Lombardy, which boasts an old tradition linked to textiles from the nineteenth century.The C.M.A. realizes articles of maglieria of high qualita 'for man and woman; the production of garments is developed on a complete supply chain, directly organized within its own laboratories; starting from the thread, proceeding with the preparation of the fabric, up to the creation of the finished garment specially designed in its own stylistic office, complete the whole with the packaging and distribution of the product.The garments are made entirely in Italy, produced using highly specialized personnel and using innovative materials to meet expectations in terms of quality, function and practicality.The products are distributed under the MORETTA brand on the Italian and international markets; among these, to name a few, we mention France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Russia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Norway, Japan and Canada.The production uses high quality fibers, mostly of natural origin, such as combed cotton, wool, pure silk, scotland yarn made with the finest long-fiber cottons and spun in Italy from spinning mills belonging to the Italian consortium of scotland and guaranteed by special labels placed in the final stage on each garment.For delicate skin, CMA also produces an anallergic line with fabrics that have a wool fiber on the outside and, on the skin, pure combed cotton.For the cold winters, on the other hand, two lines of cotton fleece articles with different weight are proposed.The company also offers an externable line that, accompanied and embellished with Valenciennes and Chantilly lace, embroidery, bright details and refined fashion accessories, in perfect balance between casual style and classic, is able to enhance the female figure.The sober and discreet collection is attentive to details and the constant search for an innovative look.A capo Moretta is the result of 60 years of experience and expertise in the sector, a research work on the maximum wearability. and the best comfort that a piece of clothing must have. Choosing Moretta also means safeguarding jobs in Italy.
  • Oscalito
  • Pierre Mantoux
    In 1932 Ottorino Giangrossi founded the industry of stockings frame. The combination of materials, mainly silk, guarantees a product of high quality and elegance. After the II World War the son Remo and his wife Velia go beyond the functional characteristic of the product, creating a unique and inimitable fashion accessory. In 1958 was born the Lycra fiber and in Milan this fiber from elastic and resistant characteristics, immediately enters the world of socks through modern processing company that models the fiber in a light veil leading to the birth of the tights. In 1960 we are in London and the visionary fashion designer Mary Quant designed the first miniskirt thus changing the concept of femininity time. The miniskirt becomes an international phenomenon, in the city parade women's legs and the first collaborations between the couturier and Pierre Mantoux begin.In 1980 the designers chose the iconic brand of tights with the line behind as essential accessory for their fashion shows and the company began to expand at the retail level in the stores of luxury in the world such as La Rinascente, Le Bon Marché, Bloomingdale. The products are used by leading figures in the international world as Lady Diana, who chooses the model from the line behind and bow in black tulle with dots, Sharon Stone icon of femininity and style that reveals the white stockings Pierre Mantoux during the parade of Valentino. In 1990 the small atelier becomes an international company. Pierre Mantoux is distributed in over fifty countries and the range of products expands with the first models of bikini for the beachwear range, until the beginning of the new millennium in which the first collections of clothing signed Pierre Mantoux were created. In 2014 the passion for craftsmanship workmanship, the fabrics made in Italy and many years of work with the designers lead to the birth of Pierre Mantoux Couture line dedicated to beachwear products from fine and precious fabrics and quality materials made by the laboratories of the house. Pierre Mantoux is synonymous of luxury, quality and made in Italy, these are just some features admire from designers of High Fashion and Pret-a-porter with thouse its work: Alaïa; Alberta Ferretti; Bottega Veneta; Chanel; Dolce & Gabbana; Ferragamo; Giorgio Armani; Gucci Lacroix; Mila Schon; Mugler; Saint Laurent; Versace. A family company founded over eighty years of the indivisible values: exclusivity, tradition, innovation and Made in Italy. Pierre Mantoux has transformed the use of the sock in one of the most intriguing accessories of the women world.
  • Raffaela d'Angelo
    Definition of great talent, Raffaela d'Angelo has ability to create a rich relation with beauty which allows it to convey emotions and amaze through her creations resulting in a marvelous feeling.
  • Solo Per Me
  • Twin-Set Simona Barbieri
    Twin Set - Simona Barbieri was founded in 1990 for the production and distribution of the brand TWIN-SET Simona Barbieri which identifies the total look clothing collection dedicated to the world of women. The founders Tiziano Sgarbi and Simona Barbieri are always respectively CEO and creative director of the company. Production base is entirely produced in Carpi knitwear company that has a technologically advanced machines. Highly skilled technicians follow all stages of the production of knitting that produces both plants Carpi - Modena. Research and tradition, style and quality, combined with excellent customer service define TWIN-SET Simona Barbieri as one of the most representative of women's fashion brands made ​​in Italy.
  • Uzurii
    BRAZILIAN DREAM BECOMES REALITY Looking back at the years that passed, Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos would have never believed that all her dreams would actually come true. Until she was five years old, Shieglee was raised in the Amazon rain forest. She then moved with her mother, sister and grandma to the slums of Rio de Janeiro. The new world was totally unfamiliar to her. For the first time in her life, she encountered simple things like water from the tap and her first pair of flip flops. Shieglee: ‘Because clothing and footwear were handed down from one child to another, I decorated them with everything I could find on the street just to make them a bit nicer.’’During her childhood, Shieglee had three dreams that she clung to unrelentingly: to spend a night in the hotel where her mother worked as a cleaner, to dance as a Samba Queen on a float during the greatest carnival on earth, and to own her own pair of shoes. When she was 13 years old and moved with her mother to the Netherlands, her dreams got closer to realisation. Determined and ambitious, she obtained her high school diploma in the pre-university track and raced through various fashion courses. Years later, when she met her husband and started to build her life with him, her childhood dreams and memories somewhat faded.Until 6 years ago, when Shieglee and her husband were strolling through the market in Rio de Janeiro and she started to relate the stories of her youth. Her dreams became more alive than ever! “In the market I came across a woman behind a stand selling flip flops that she decorated herself. I stood there glued to the ground and saw my entire childhood on that table. It was as if I was seeing myself as a child, plucked from the jungle, sitting with a needle and thread making my worn-out flip flops nicer.” That evening she began writing her business plan for designing flip flops in the Netherlands. The next day Uzurri was born!In 2011, Uzurii Luxury Footwear was officially launched and made its way into the world of high fashion. This did not go without a struggle. All the designs were made by hand and demanded a special technique. For more than a year, Shieglee flew all over the world to train more than 100 women. These women do not work in a studio, but from home. That way, they can work in their own environment and also take care of their children. Shieglee: “This works flawlessly; we have never had any problems and each pair of Uzurii that we receive is pure craftsmanship.”Nowadays, the luxury footwear is sold in the higher segment of shoes and fashion stores in more than 1,400 stores spread over 46 countries. Uzurii is also sold in several well-known department stores such as Bijenkorf, Galeria Inno, Prange and Lane Crawford. Every year the collection is expanded with a higher segment of Uzuriis and a wider collection of bags. Shieglee: “For the spring/summer 2017 collection, I have designed an exclusive model using 14 metres of 18k gold thread. I have produced this design manually at a cost of €300,000.” The models in the collection start at €60.00 and become more expensive for the more exclusive ones.Shieglee is immensely grateful that she has been able to realise her childhood dreams, but that does not stop her from dreaming on. “I want to expand even further worldwide and to see Uzurii back on the streets!”n 2016 Uzurii Luxury Footwear introduced a new label - Uzurii Sport! The new label is a fusion of the Rough Line, Urban Line and Basic Line. A more casual line, yet just as luxurious and accessible for a large target group.Uzurii Sport is developed for trendy and fashion-minded men and women who would prefer to wear their Uzuriis at casual and/or sporty occasions. All the Uzurii Sport models are presented in transparent packaging. To match the packaging, we have developed special display material. Presentation is an important part of Uzurii, so also for this line we have devoted a great deal of thought to an innovative and appropriate presentation.
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