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      Beautiful lace design incorporating elements of Paisley. Available in two colours Black Chine, as seen in the image, or plain Black. Must of Pierre Mantoux: Made in ItalyComfortPerfect finish Born in the 30s, the Italian brand Pierre Mantoux is a family business. It offers hosiery of a globally recognized quality. You will be seduced by its "haute...

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      Catsuit - Inspiration DivineThe catsuit from the Inspiration Divine collection is the most daring piece of the line!This jumpsuit envelops the body in a transparent satin tulle that sensually marries the shapes.Refined, the catsuit is sublimated by inserts in infinitely delicate floral lace, on the top and on the sides.For the...

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       This product is considered as a Sexy product *.* For a question of hygiene, Accessories, Sexy Lingerie, Stockings, Tights, Perfumes are not taken back or exchanged.

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       This product is considered as a Sexy product *.* For a question of hygiene, Accessories, Sexy Lingerie, Stockings, Tights, Perfumes are not taken back or exchanged.

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      Skirt - Sacré CoeurA true piece of couture lingerie, the Sacré Coeur skirt breaks the codes of lingerie and can be found in your wardrobe, day or night.Thanks to its sheath cut and its second-skin material, this centerpiece perfectly hugs the curves.On the front, its fine lace yoke offers a play of transparency and marks the size with the...

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      Catsuit - Sacré CoeurThe Sacré Coeur catsuit is an iconic piece bordering on daring and elegance, with a chic and suggestive aesthetic.Graphic and fine lace combined with fishnet indulges in a delicious play of transparency that reveals the back, arms and sides, thus creating a sublime setting on the skin.This centerpiece is mainly made...

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       This product is considered as a Sexy product *.* For a question of hygiene, Accessories, Sexy Lingerie, Stockings, Tights, Perfumes are not taken back or exchanged.

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      Dress - Madame RêveThe flagship piece of the collection, the Madame Rêve dress will be the accomplice of your passionate moments!Composed of a clever play of materials, this dress has all the assets to seduce.Its slightly gathered transparent tulle top delicately reveals the chest. Its opaque and flexible microfiber molds the shapes while...

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      Long dress - Madame RêveThe ultimate nightwear piece par excellence, the long dress from the Madame Rêve collection will dress your nights with lightness and pleasure!Both fluid and vaporous, this dress is made from a delicate tulle that plays with transparency and charmingly reveals the curves.The dress is sublimated by a deep neckline in the...

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    • 82,50 € Delivered within 4 days

      Dress - Sage DecisionAwaken your femme fatale side in the lovely sexy Sage Décision dress from the Personal Line!Half tulle, half satin. This charming dress from Maison Close will reveal you from the front and back, in your best light. The top of the sexy dress is made from comfortable satin tulle that gracefully reveals the bust. The bottom is...

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      Bomber - Pure Tentation - BlackMinimalist and chic: here is the very first bomber jacket from Maison Close! This bomber from the Pure Tentation collection shakes up the codes and will finalize each of your outfits day and night, for any occasion.Fluid and light, this great classic revisited by Monsieur le Français combines style and absolute...

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      Dress - Pure TentationBoth elegant and comfortable, the Pure Tentation dress can be worn day or night ...With a remarkable finish, this dress is made from a delicious play of materials and transparency.Its fine and opaque microfiber contrasts with the incredible charm of its transparent tulle inserts which offer the illusion of a magnificent...

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      Zipped catsuit - Pure TentationWrap your entire body in a delicate and sensual tulle ... the Pure Tentation catsuit, a signature of pure desire!It's hard to resist the temptation to face this sexy jumpsuit.Minimalist and daring, the catsuit is made using a veil that plays the card of transparency.A zip placed at the crotch allows a naughty...

      87,50 €
    Showing 1 - 15 of 15 items