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    • Ambra
      AMBRA's roots date back to the early 1960s.Giuseppe and Margherita Toppino begin their journey which has lasted for more than half a century, working for the most important companies in the sector, the dream of creating their own line, however, begins to accompany them after a couple of decades, the satisfactions that the commitment that they were making was leading them to their business, and in 1988 pushed them to take the big leap, so AMBRA was born ...Since then our brand has established itself as one of the most reliable brands on the market.Surely one of the few that from Italy manages to contend the scene to French masters abroad, having nothing to envy not only in terms of design, materials, image but also of fit.Today near that needle and thread with which the first bras were sewn, there are cutting-edge machines, which use lasers to cut fabrics that until a few years ago they had only known the scissors blades, the computer that helps in drawing shapes, in developing sizes, in solving problems of consumption and workmanship, but there are still those eyes, the same ones that since 1962 have seen hundreds of thousands of garments pass, that never lose attention and curiosity in seeking new solutions in the respect for all those who participate in this small Italian miracle, from suppliers to collaborators to end up with customers, so that the circle closes in everyone's awareness of being part of a unique and important reality ...Amber Italian corsetry Complete Ambra early 90s The name and philosophy This fossilized resin is said to have been born from the tears of the daughters of the sun king in Greek mythologyOtherwise known as the gold of the Baltic, it tells of distant times, of wonders that today we no longer know how to discover, of mysteries and delicate scents ...The amber preserves everything intact, unaltered over millennia, and AMBRA wants to keep faith to itself from the beginning, without giving in to the mermaids who sing only for profit, who pursue the gain at the expense of tradition, denying the origins, which are made of almost ritual gestures, of joy in doing ...... for this reason, for every single garment, in every day that passes since the raw materials arrive in our warehouses and when the finished garments leave them, any process from the simplest to the most complex takes place within our company ... for a real Made in Italy that will never betray the expectations of anyone who chooses an AMBRA garment ...Amber Italian corsetry This perseverance in maintaining the traditions so typical of our people, is a richness and a teaching, looking ahead by reaching out to the past makes us interpret lingerie creation as an art rather than a workThe satisfactions that each of us draws from seeing the result of our efforts are a continuous source of stimuli, the same stimuli that make a woman bend over a sewing machine all day, to have participated in the creation of a small one artwork…The eyes of the women of AMBRA speak of these things when they discover a new embroidery, when they caress with a wise look a silky fabric, when they know they participate in a project without equal ... a project that makes them proud to be part of a story, which we persist in wanting to tell unaltered for another 30 years and more ...Amber Italian corsetry Places Amber Italian corsetry Alba, where AMBRA was born and developed, is a city symbol of a way of understanding work its most immediate meaning, that of the effort with which the hills, which became Unesco heritage, have been torn acres of land to draw poignant views of vineyards in the warm colors of autumn ...In October when the grapes of precious wines (Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo to name just a few) are harvested on days that celebrate a ritual that is of celebration and thanksgiving to a land that is so benign for those who live there, our places the hills are colored in bright colorsthey are filled with songs handed down from generation to generation.The harvest, the fruit of the work carried out in the winter frost and under the scorching summer sun, is somewhat the umpteenth metaphor of the way we, the people of Langa, understand their activities.And work also meant its modern meaning, that of the ability to develop projects, to impose one's visions of the future, to be present and active in the world that changes at speeds unimaginable only a few years ago while respecting the teachings of the past.Amber Italian corsetry The materials AMBRA for its garments, uses some of the most precious materials that the market can offer ...Embroidery coming from the Lombard looms that centuries ago embellished the clothes of the nobles of the Visconti family ...The Calais dentelle produced on frames that cannot be sold
    • Andrès Sarda

      Since 1962 ANDRES SARDA creates luxury lingerie in the context of a cosmopolitan and avant-garde city as well as the city of Barcelona. From refined lingerie and a surprising collection that exudes both the taste of craftsmanship and innovation by giving it its own identity. Fashion lingerie for the demanding woman who shows character. A woman who seeks luxury, quality materials and finishes, comfort, but also novelties, sensuality and surprising colors. Exclusive prints on unrivaled quality fabrics to offer you models that highlight the feminine forms.

    • Antigel
      With each new season, ANTIGEL creates irresistibly attractive sets in pastel or flashy colors, with original patterns and ultra comfortable materials. A Zen day, a romantic day, an irresistible day: every woman can find happiness in the young and playful creations of ANTIGEL.Every summer, ANTIGEL offers bath collections full of femininity, spontaneity and daring, for a chic and relaxed look on the beach. Available from cup A to cup G, its fresh and fashionable pieces ensure a flashy, sporty or chic look depending on the lines. Thanks to its expertise as a corset-maker, ANTIGEL offers high-quality models with exceptional support. Made in a satin polyamide elastane bi-elastic knit, ANTIGEL swimsuits have high resistance to chlorine, UV and seawater.
    • Anita
      Lingerie and swimwear unparalleled, unmatched modeling, absolute comfort and impeccable quality: these are the characteristics Citerna 125 years of company products Bavarian ANITA Brannenburg, Each product is developed in a targeted manner for every body type and every type of use. The bodies with feminine curves and large caps, lactating mothers and sportswomen are among us a wide choice of underwear, as women who have undergone breast surgery.
    • Aubade

      SEDUCTION ON THE SKIN Inspired by courtly love, the choice of the name Aubade in itself suggests the game of seduction in French. With its stylistic audacity, its knack for communication and its innovations, the brand helps women to fully appropriate their power of seduction. What about men? They are obviously the (consenting) victims of these romantic games! EXPERTISE Preserving artistry, enriching technical heritage and sharing know-how: at Aubade, technical prowess is in our DNA. For each model, the standards in terms of the cut and comfort are so high that it takes two years of careful development to achieve a result that is in perfect harmony with the hectic lifestyles of women. This heightened couture spirit also comes through in the selection of noble materials (Leavers de Calais lace, Swiss embroidery, etc.), the refinement offered by elegant finishes (trims, jewelry, laces, etc.) and fitting calculated down to the millimeter. It takes at least 24 pieces to make an Aubade bra, insert reinforcements and add discreet darts to ensure comfort and a good fit, no matter what the size. The brand offers models from size 80A to 105F in about a dozen shapes. Adapting to every body shape like a second skin, claiming its place as a partner of women at every moment of their day and life, inventing lines that embellish a woman’s body… This is the challenge that Aubade achieves with passion every season. Created in 1875 by Doctor Bernard, a corset specialist, the Aubade brand was founded in 1958, when panties and girdles were essential elements of women’s lingerie collections. No longer bound by the requirement to provide physical support, Aubade writes the first chapters of its story by offering sensual and glamorous products: lingerie becomes a real weapon of seduction.


    • Bye Bra
      The unique 3M quality tape, which is used in hospitals, is unlike any counterfeit product. It is dermatologically safe, hypoallergenic and creates a perfect strapless lift. The Bye Bra tape keeps the breasts in place, while allowing the wearer to move freely and containing any excessive natural movement of the breasts. The Bye Bra lifts come with silicone nipple covers, as well as with silk nipple covers. You are probably wondering why we offer two types of nipple covers. It is because every breast is different. Every woman is unique. The silk nipple covers are lighter and not reusable. They are thinner than the silicone ones and are either 6cm in diameter for the standard version, or 8cm for the XL version. Our silicone nipple covers are 8cm, thicker and reusable. The choice is yours! Please see the product page to learn more about their differences. If you have any questions you can always contact us via email or via our online chat platform. If you would like to see how to properly apply the Bye Bra, please refer to the instruction videos, available on our website. BYE BRA DRESS TAPE Bye Bra also offers dress tape, also known as fashion tape, or non-exposure tape. The dress tape is sometimes necessary, because some dresses can still expose parts of your bra, or too much skin, while moving. It is designed to prevent unwanted displays of skin underneath blouses or other more revealing garments when you twist, or bend over, like the occassional „nipple slip“. The Bye Bra fashion tapes boost your confidence even while wearing your most revealing outfits! The fashion tapes are also used to fix clothes in place. The strips are easy to apply to the inside of a garment and after the protective layers are removed, the strips can be applied to both, the skin and the clothing. The Bye Bra dress tape is also made from a 3M medical-grade adhesive. The tapes are 23 mm by 82mm (1 inch by 3.3 inches). They are both wider and longer than the average fashion tape. This is handy because dress tape must stay on all night long and most dress tapes are too thin to be able to do so.
    • Cadolle
    • Chantal Thomass
      Just to feel beautiful …… with Chantal Thomass !! It is a designer’s French lingerie brand, the must for luxury lingerie lovers. She reminds women that they could be attractive and seductive. Chantal Thomass is the only meaningful fashion designer brqnd with full symbiosis between the brand and her personality. The Chnatal Thomass brand has a very special universe witch may be defined by these words: Feminity, Sensuality, Chic, Glamour, Luxury, Seduction, and Impertinence, that can be found in her collections of bras, merrywidows, garter belts, thongs, bloomers, bikinis, bustiers but also in her pantyhoses and stockings…..
    • Chantelle
      Chantelle is a brand belonging to the Chantelle Group, originally a French women's lingerie company founded in 1876 by François Auguste Gamichon. The term "Chantelle" appeared in 1949 as a trademark and then became the name of the company in 1976.A pioneer in the manufacture of rubberized knitwear, the Chantelle brand has developed thanks to the "tulle Kretz" used in its sleeves and bras. The company belongs since 1900 and until today to the Kretz family.Chantelle launched her first bra in 1961. The following year, Chantelle opened her first brassiere factory in Épernay, in Champagne, marking the culmination of Jean Kretz's career. The same year, the brand exported and opened a subsidiary in Germany. Five years later, Établissements Kretz settled in Saint-Herblain3. In the 1970s, the company had five hundred employees3. She launched her Calais lace model, then in 1972, her Défi model, the first molded bra. The bras become very quickly the engine of development of the company. In 1976, Kretz took the name of its brand, Chantelle3.In 1994, the production plant is closed3.In 2010, Chantelle offers two innovations: Spacer and Memory Foam.In 2013, Chantelle launches her first Bath collection for the spring-summer season.
    • Empreinte
      As a designer of exceptional lingerie and swimwear, Empreinte enhances the figure by inventing a whole new aesthetic: elegant and glamorous French seductive styling. Each season and since always, Empreinte has set itself apart with its expertise as a corsetry designer as well as its creative freedom. Its product excellence as well its brand attractiveness make Empreinte an essential player in the Lingerie in France and on the international market. History Empreinte was created in Brest in 1946, by Jean Le Her. Ingenious, inquisitive and passionate, he quickly became interested in the technical side of the products and how they could be adapted to suit the female figure. During the 50s, the brand's first two designers pooled their ideas and created, for the first time in France, cup sizes A, B and C. Voted Designer of the Year in 2011, Empreinte excels itself by the quality of its products and the creativity of its collections, all designed for the generous Beauties.
    • Éprise de Lise Charmel
      The core business of LISE CHARMEL: corsetry and high end lingerie.Exceptional know how relied on a strong tradition of art and implementation of the most advanced technologies craft expertise. To create a unique feminine aesthetic by its refinement and taste.Based in Lyon, where are still located its Creation, Design and Model making ateliers, the brand continues to support the ongoing skills development of its corset makers in the vocation of high quality and identity style models. Its R& D laboratory is especially involved in new materials and their dedicated advanced technologies to this very high end lingerie world.Its constantly renewed expertise allows mastering of the most sophisticated cuts for unrivalled creations that have acquired an international reputation.A very personal way to play with fashion in re-creating it each season for its lingerie universe and exceeding the requirements of its identity. A unique way of creating collections that appeal to the most demanding women in styling, fit and finishings.
    • Epure of Lise Charmel
      Timeless Collections and the line "Epure" brand Lise Charmel offer corseteries and clean lingerie, luxurious, very refined, comfortable to wear, an incomparable.

      A lingerie line "well-being invisible," the sensual materials!

    • Gossard
      Founded in 1901, the brand Gossard Londoner brings its expertise in creating high quality lingerie for all women for over a century Gossard offers feminine collections, graphics in a retro spirit and continues to delight its customers with innovative models. Gossard below presents the retro influences and colors both sweet and refreshing at the cutting edge of innovation.

      For women who love bold below, trends made from fine materials and who are not afraid to showcase their forms!

    • Hanky Panky
      Hanky Panky is one of America's favorite lingerie labels. First founded in 1977, when designer Gale Epstein began creating handmade lingerie by stitching together embroidered handkerchiefs, this innovative label has evolved with the times and today showcases full collections of lingerie, nightwear, sportswear and beachwear. The Hanky Panky lingerie collection features everything from signature low-rise thongs to sexy, high-octane babydolls in rich jewel tones. Channel a retro vibe with the brand's longline bralets and high-waisted briefs, or go eccentric in bright, patterned and printed boy-shorts.Each garment is made from the finest fabrics, creating supple collections season after season. Blending traditional with modern glam looks, Hanky Panky regularly appears in magazines and is a fashion favorite of countless celebrities.
    • Hanro
      HANRO’s definition of style? A simple elegance that comes totally natural. Understatement is the essence of our philosophy. Less, but only the best – that is what characterizes HANRO as a brand and product. This vision of quality can be found in every detail: the best materials, the perfection of the cuts, the exquisite finishing, the elegance achieved by pure aesthetics. We believe true luxury is what makes you feel completely at ease in your skin. This is what has made HANRO so unique and contemporary – for more than 130 years. Experience finest luxury lingerie and underwear for day and night in our Basic Collections for women and men.
    • I.D. Sarrieri
      I.D. Sarrieri is included at the top of Forbes Magazine's Most Luxurious and Expensive Lingerie Brands.Since 2002, I.D. Sarrieri has become an appreciated presence on the shopping boulevards of the hippest cities in the world, a flashed image on the catwalks of Paris, Milano and New York as well as a featured brand on the covers of noticeable fashion magazines worldwide. I.D. Sarrieri collections are present in over 35 countries and stars like Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, Cindy Crawford and Cameron Diaz are declared fans of the brand.I.D. Sarrieri proves that luxury is not a fantasy for special occasions, but an everyday privilege, enhancing the femininity of its wearer. I.D. Sarrieri is luxury lingerie with a unique style of classic and romantic for modern feminine curves. Haute couture materials from France and Italy are embellished with crystalized Swarovski elements which define the collection’s identity of elegance. Launched in 1992 by designer Iulia Dobrin, I.D. Sarrieri has developed into a well established international brand on the luxury fashion lingerie market. Designed for a powerful, sexy and refined woman, with a penchant for high quality, sophisticated lingerie, I.D. Sarrieri pieces stand out through their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Only the most precious fabrics – haute couture Chantilly laces, silk satins and silk mousseline, jacquard, embroidered laces sourced from exclusive producers are used. Chic accessories and specially crystallized Swarovski elements are key design features. Its distinctive luxurious appeal, combined with refinement and sensuality, resulted in a select following, making I.D. Sarrieri available only in the finest lingerie boutiques and select concept and department stores throughout the world. I.D. Sarrieri is among fashion stylists’ favorites. The collections have been featured in the most important fashion publications worldwide, both in print and online, such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, In Style, Madame Figaro, L’Officiel, Cosmopolitan, Twenty 6 Magazine, i-D Magazine and numerous others. I.D. Sarrieri also enjoys a faithful celebrity following, including some of the most resounding names in the fashion, music and film industries.
    • Lise Charmel

      The core business of LISE CHARMEL: corsetry and high end lingerie.Exceptional know how relied on a strong tradition of art and implementation of the most advanced technologies craft expertise. To create a unique feminine aesthetic by its refinement and taste.Based in Lyon, where are still located its Creation, Design and Model making ateliers, the brand continues to support the ongoing skills development of its corset makers in the vocation of high quality and identity style models. Its R& D laboratory is especially involved in new materials and their dedicated advanced technologies to this very high end lingerie world.Its constantly renewed expertise allows mastering of the most sophisticated cuts for unrivalled creations that have acquired an international reputation.A very personal way to play with fashion in re-creating it each season for its lingerie universe and exceeding the requirements of its identity. A unique way of creating collections that appeal to the most demanding women in styling, fit and finishings.
    • Lou
      In 1946 in the Orient-Express, the entrepreneur André Faller met Lucienne, nicknamed "Lu" (now "Lou" with the American accent). This last teacher of gymnastics, indulges in a secret love for sewing2. She draws and sews her intimate lingerie and invented from a round piece of iron her own whale bras that she created for her personal comfort. André Faller married and joined the project Lucienne, it wanted to share his expertise and make it accessible to other women and his meeting with André Faller allowed to give an industrial dimension to his project. The love of Lou and André for the mountains and especially skiing led them to set up their Lou lingerie business in Grenoble.Initially located in an abandoned glove, Lou then moved to Berriat course before settling in 1950 in a new factory of 30 000m² Street General Ferrié. The company quickly took on an industrial dimension and from the beginning of the adventure, André Faller took care of the management and devotes 10% of the turnover to the advertising not hesitating to appeal to Luis Mariano, who chanta Who's afraid of the big bad Lou? 3, or Annie Cordy4. During this same period Lucienne becomes head of the creative workshops. She creates innovative bras at the same time technical, rogues, conjugating colors and quality of the textile just as her first creations. In two years the brand is needed and becomes number one of the French corsetry.In the early 1970s, the company is at its peak. The latter listed on the stock market, is of interest to many foreign buyers but General de Gaulle opposes the flight of such a prestigious company. It is the Générale Alimentaire that bought the entire capital of the Lou brand in 1971.Three years later, in 1974, the Faller couple created the women's ready-to-wear brand Karting, which Brigitte Bardot became the muse in 1976, wearing the famous stretch jersey trousers in a television advertisement directed by Gérard Pirès. : we can admire the silhouette of Brigitte Bardot, filmed only back, down the Champs-Elysees and wearing elephant leg pants, before the final close-up where the actress turns to face the camera by simply pronouncing "Karting". The spot will be broadcast 25 times on Antenne 2, the advertising campaign having started on March 10, 1976. It will continue with the broadcast from April 30 of a second spot of the director in which Brigitte Bardot wearing this time a skirt Karting : for this second more rhythmic film, Brigitte Bardot thrills all the passers-by that she crosses while walking on a Parisian avenue, always filmed from the back except for a shot of her radiant face, finally turning towards the camera for the final shot and still pronouncing simply "Karting". On June 15, 2010, the brand reissues its elephant leg pants made famous by the actress in a limited series called "I love you".In 1978, after an eventful period, Jean Bellanger buys Lou and imagines the Miss Lou bra. The volume of production then increases from 20,000 to 500,000 pieces in a year. He repositioned the brand among the leaders. In the 1980s, Lou is present in sixty countries. In 1991, Jean Bellanger sold the brand to Catalan Vives Vidal, which then sold it to Vanity Fair Corporation in 1992. Vanity Fair Corporation maintained its head office in Seyssinet. Since Isère, he manages the six brands Lou, Bolero, Silhouette, Lee, Wrangler and Jantzen and employs 400 employees in the Rhône-Alpes region. 30% of Lou and Boléro's production is made in Fontaine.In 2004 Lucienne Faller died of an operation, her husband André joined him 4 years later, in July 2008 at the age of 96 years. Having no children, the couple Faller decided to bequeath part of their fortune to their former employees and collaborators who worked in their companies Lou and Karting5. The latter received a check worth between € 3,500 and € 7,000. Another part of this fortune was bequeathed to the Brigitte-Bardot Foundation4, the Faller couple having always had good relations with the actress who was the muse of their brand Karting in 1976.Now established in the Paris region, the Lou brand has become Lou Paris.
    • Louisa Bracq
      Louisa Bracq is a select lingerie brand, made in France, blending comfort and beauty. A high end french lingerie. A permanent high end choice in its most luxurious fabrics for sexy and sophisticated underwear. This underwear brand offers large size bras upto G cup for a perfect comfort and support for comfortable breasts. Feel beautiful with Louisa Bracq lingerie !
    • Maison Close

      Maison Close

    • Maison Lejaby
      MAISONLEJABY is a French Brand since 1930. Created in Lyon Maison Lejaby aims to make lingerie a piece of art with materials, cut and a guenine expertise.
    • Marie Jo Haute Lingerie
    • Marie Jo L'Aventure
    • Marlies Dekkers
      Marlies Dekkers (Elisabeth Maria Johanna Dekkers) is a famous designer of Dutch lingerie. She has had international success with her lingerie lines. It has proven its versatility both nationally and internationally, its models are considered trend-makers, innovative and avant-garde. Marlies Dekkers has changed the world of lingerie well with its inspiring models and personal philosophy. All her models are inspired by her own vision of life and she wants to bring more confidence to women.
    • Oscalito
      Osvaldo Casalini Lino Torino – a name, a place and a brand history in four short syllables and a famous silhouette designed by the school of Gino Boccasile: Oscalito is the story of a family, a city and of true enthusiasm.At Turin in the early 1930s, Osvaldo and Lino Casalini began producing cotton and woolen fabrics; in 1936, they launched the trademark Oscalito. Working exclusively with natural and high-quality fibres, they presented knitwear lines for men, women and children.After the disasters of World War II, in a building alongside the River Po the Casalini brothers set up two knitting machines that had survived the War, and started production again, in a country where reconstruction was enthusiastically underway. In 1946 Osvaldo and Lino celebrated Oscalito’s tenth anniversary. They decided to focus the growing business on manufacturing garments for men and women.Arrigo and Andrea, Lino’s adolescent sons, modelled for Oscalito’s advertising campaigns. Initially, though, only Andrea was drawn to working with fabrics. After graduating as a textile expert in 1967, he attended the Leicester College of Textile Art and Technology. On returning to Turin, Andrea began to experiment with designs on wild and pattern textile machines and with new yarns and fashion garments, broadening the range to more fashionable items. His innovations found favour on the US market, while orders, commitments and production took off.In 1975 Arrigo joined the company, giving a fresh boost to sales. The following years were marked by constant growth. As the export market became increasingly important to the business, women’s fashion items began to play a central role. In 2014, the third generation joined the company as Dario Casalini, a former Professor of Law, gradually took over the reins in a spirit of continuity, refreshing the brand while expanding onto the international market.
    • Panache


    • Parah
      Parah is probably one of corset-makers who represents best the know-how regarding feminine underwear in the Italian industry. Offering luxury and femininity, Parah reveals us a high-ranking summery collection. Since her creation in the fifties by Giovanni Piazzalunga and his wife Edda Paracchini did not certainly suspect that by selling their first goods on the stalls of the local markets, they had created a real dynasty of the Italian textile industry and particularly in the lingerie.
    • Prima Donna
    • Prima Donna Twist
    • RCrescentini
    • Sans Complexe
      Sans Complexe, this is the brand of lingerie for all those who want to be comfortable everyday! Because yes, women with generous breasts can also afford models seduction, fantasy or colorful without compromising on comfort and support. To feel beautiful and good in your lingerie.
    • Simone Pérèle
      SIMONE PÉRÈLE, ART ON BARE SKIN« Simone Pérèle is a brand of lingerie established in 1948 in Paris by my grandmother, who always placed women, art and material at the heart of her creations. »« Simone Pérèle was a young, talented and passionate corset maker. »« Simone Pérèle lingerie is a combination of perfect fitting and glamorous styling. All models are original creations designed in France. »It all begins in 1948. "To reveal its whole beauty, let’s begin by liberating the female body”, declares Simone Pérèle, my grandmother, as she settles her small corsetmaking shop in a Parisian building. But making again orthopaedic bras is out of the question! Her femininity and independent spirit naturally led her to a revolutionary idea for the time: combining comfort, seduction and creative audacity. Corsetry gave way to lingerie. Fashion should not be a trend! Respect for women was always a leitmotiv in her creations and innovations. A core value that she shared with my grandfather; her husband, her other half, her other self. They carried forward together, side by side, hand in hand. She managed creation and design; he was dedicated to business development. A tandem, as brilliant as unexpected at the time. This philosophy, originated from an intimate comprehension of women, we choose to perpetuate it within our family company. This philosophy, we place it at the heart of every creation. Created by one woman for all women, Simone Pérèle reassert themselves as a reference brand of lingerie. Their new campaign photographed by Mary Mc Cartney manifests their own exploration of the backstage world of fashion and creation.Seduction and creative audacity infused into this inspirational campaign: an invitation to dream for all women; a bond definitively tying Simone Pérèle to the world of fashion and couture craftsmanship.
    • Spanx
      Spanx by Sarah Blakely
    • Triumph
      Triumph.Underwear dream Triumph. are of excellent quality and original designs! Check out our great selection of items in our online store and let yourself be seduced by panties, bra, briefs and other bodys Triumph. Cuts and materials of high quality, very comfortable, exclusively chosen . Check out our incredible selection of Triumph below. you will find various collections of underwear breathtaking: Amourette 300, Cool Sensation. The luxurious materials used offer you unparalleled comfort for all day.
    • Twin-Set
      Twin Set - Simona Barbieri was founded in 1990 for the production and distribution of the brand TWIN-SET Simona Barbieri which identifies the total look clothing collection dedicated to the world of women. The founders Tiziano Sgarbi and Simona Barbieri are always respectively CEO and creative director of the company. Production base is entirely produced in Carpi knitwear company that has a technologically advanced machines. Highly skilled technicians follow all stages of the production of knitting that produces both plants Carpi - Modena. Research and tradition, style and quality, combined with excellent customer service define TWIN-SET Simona Barbieri as one of the most representative of women's fashion brands made ​​in Italy.
    • Wacoal
      The Wacoal Collection features ultra sexy, lightweight and innovative slimming designs, very couture lace and embroidery, new comfortable and invisible lingerie for everyday wear... Wacoal, the brand for innovation in lingerie.