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  • Always The Sun
    Always the Sun is a ready-to-wear brand dedicated to Beachwear, which has strong roots in the French Riviera, wanting to combine refinement, originality, elegance and sensuality in a universe whose sole ambition is to promote women. Our brand was created in 2007 and now has a great creativity experience through its annual collections. Our core business is in a line of Beachwear, casual but elegant, where the materials used enhance our different themes, deeply renewed each year. From the beginning we were convinced that there could be a very French Riviera line that could dream around the world. We therefore offer our customers a wide range of Beachwear (dresses, tunics, kaftans, swimwear), as well as accessories such as bags, belts and also hooks. This bet of quality and originality that create a universe well authenticated by our customers is now won since we are broadcast in many countries, throughout France of course, but also in Guadeloupe, St Martin , St Barth, Reunion, Tahiti, and internationally in Spain, England, Italy, Greece, Australia and now also Miami Florida. All our creations are drawn in Carros where we have 500m ² of storage space and then manufactured in India. We have a showroom in Nice and a shop in Juan. We do not have exclusive shops but are present in the mid-range shops of towns and seaside resorts.
  • Andrès Sarda

    Andrés Sardá is a textile engineer who comes from a family deeply rooted in the Catalan textile sector. In 1962 he founded a company for the manufacture of women’s underwear in Barcelona. As Managing Director of his new company, Sardá focused his efforts on the evolution of new ideas, which, in the context of the time, broke away from everything that had been considered normal up until that moment. From his past experience working in the family business, he knew that it was extremely important to give an international projection to his project. At the same time, his creative personality and advanced way of thinking created a need to break away from stereotypes and transform the aesthetics of women’s underwear. ANDRES SARDA gave importance to the design and image of lingerie, which was not only comfortable and practical but also sophisticated and sexy. His designs and their success paved the way towards internationalization and in 1965 the company made its first exports to France. His message was understood and welcomed by the connoisseurs of a country at the cutting edge of fashion, which shared Sardá’s desire for re-invention and the constant overthrow of stereotypes. The process of internationalization culminated later with the worldwide presence of the brand in the best points of sale. His new business challenge led Sardá to be the first to use fabrics with Lycra—an elastic fibre that revolutionized design possibilities in women’s underwear, in addition to other technological advances. Like the alchemist of the Renaissance, ANDRES SARDA gave free rein to his imagination and had sufficient curiosity to discover techniques that were ideal for making his dreams a reality. The company continued in the same creative direction and in 1970 its product range was increased to incorporate the production of swimwear collections. The designer chose this moment to put a new challenge into motion and position the company collections in the highest market position. Once the business project had been consolidated, its aim centered on becoming prominent in the luxury sector. Supported by his family structure and based in a cosmopolitan and avant-garde city like Barcelona, ANDRES SARDA clearly understood that keeping its own identity was very important in order to give the brand a unique personality and successful following. Perseverance was the key and to achieve this, it was essential to be loyal to the brand. Preserving its freshness and always thinking about new features, as well as creating beauty. Little by little, Sardá transmitted these values to his daughter Nuria, who underwent extensive training in other international departments of the company before joining the design team headed by her father in 1995. She is now the creative director of the company. Creativity, excellence, new materials, the love of risk taking in design and the desire to surprise are the main attributes that define the product style at ANDRES SARDA. Precision of form, finesse and delicacy of finish and focus on comfort define the production standards. Barcelona and its ebullient atmosphere as an open-minded city, in addition to the hubbub of its Mediterranean squares and intercultural setting, provide a context and backdrop for this long-established business project. The industrial tradition, the profound knowledge of the métier and the dynamics of the family altogether provide the brand with an own, particular identity.

  • Antigel
  • Aubade
    Aubade Beach.Always at the forefront of creativity in materials and printed Aubade Beach, sublime again the woman's curves to make them even more beautiful in the eyes of all.
  • Chiara Fiorini
    The Chiara Fiorini brand is the expression of an authentic Italian style, understood as natural elegance, research and creativity for a sophisticated woman who loves femininity, who likes to feel good inside and out. Chiara Fiorini is a Family business which since 1980 has rigorously created everything in Italy, thanks to the expert hands of Ada Gallo and its deep artisanal experience, from the research phase to the study of materials and fabrics, until creation of prototypes and attention to detail, each phase the production of clothing takes place inside the headquarters at the gates of Bologna.
  • Dana Pisarra
    Dana Pisarra, a family-owned Italian brand, is a celebration of exceptional taste and creative enthusiasm. The Pisarra family, based just outside the Italian fashion capital of Milan, has been designing and producing lingerie for over 50 years. Dana Pisarra dares to always be innovative while remaining dedicated to its original fundamentals of Italian style, quality, and craftsmanship.The tradition of the Dana Pisarra brand prides itself on impeccable quality and a dedication to natural fibers. Each Dana garment is made from only the finest materials, from smooth lisle yarn and pure silk to finely ribbed cotton, to provide unparalleled comfort and wearability.The traditional artisan approach of Dana Pisarra shows in each collection of knitwear, where nothing is compromised. By revisiting classic styles with this artisanal approach, Dana Pisarra lingerie mixes luxury with function, injecting a contemporary, casual feel into timeless, elegant underpinnings. Dana Pisarra is exquisite intimate apparel that stands for beauty, elegance and comfort.
  • David - Vacanze Italiane
    David - Vacanze Italiane - beachwear
  • Domani
    Born in 1984 and taken over by Stress S.r.l in 1998, who has always combined creativity and research by speaking to a woman who loves to be herself. The style and the research of materials respect the strong personality of each woman, contributing to its affirmation even on the beach! Distributed worldwide from the Cipriani Hotel Boutique in Venice to the Boutique Hotel Guadagnami in Saint-Barthélemy, from Arianie de Saint-Tropez to the beaches of Marbella and Biarritz to the Greek Islands, passing by the best shops in the metropolis of Milan, Rome, New York, Moscow, Munich and Casablanca. The unique and instantly recognizable style of Domani unites women who appreciate it from a single point of view.
  • Fashy
  • Gottex
    For over fifty years, Gottex swimwear has been associated with quality, comfort, and fashion. Constantly tailoring their clothing to meet the highest expectations of women, they provide beautiful swimsuits that will make you feel as great as you look. With an eye for design, they are always setting the latest trends, both in terms of beautiful styles and quality designs that will help you relax in perfect comfort. Shop from our large selection and find the perfect style that will make you feel amazing every day!Gottex swimwear is our most popular designer brand and for good reason. They have decades of experience in creating cutting-edge designs that accentuate and highlight a woman’s body while also being highly comfortable. They have options that have been masterfully crafted to suit women of all ages and body types so that they have something that will perfectly fit everyone. Key design features include tummy control that will help you look thinner and feel more confident, as well as carefully selected coverage that will help define the look of your body and accent its shape.With fashionable one pieces, tankinis, swim dresses, and more, Gottex swimwear has designs to suit any taste. We can help you find the perfect fit for your style, so you can look your best every day of the season. Whether you want to stand out with vibrant colors or opt for a more traditional darker shade, our selection will help you find a look to fall in love with. If you are having trouble choosing the best swimsuit for you, feel free contact us! Our expert support team will be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect swimsuit that will help you feel great and look even better.
  • Iconique

    Iconique naturally finds its place in the world of luxury as the ultimate reference for beachwear dresses and accessories.

  • ID.Sarrieri
  • Lise Charmel
  • Luli Fama
    Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, it is not surprising that Lourdes "Luli" Hanimian has developed a keen interest in swimsuits. Luli and his brother-in-law Augusto Hanimian are the creative forces behind Luli Fama. The designer duo met in 1990 while both worked for Augusto's aunt, a well-known swimwear designer. Together, they have gained hands-on experience in the fashion and swimsuit industry. Luli and Augusto first started a business called Cover Style, a junior swim line. Then in 2003, Luli Fama was born.Luli Fama has become known for its universally flattering fit and immaculate designs. Luli Fama incorporates an eclectic mix of vibrant hues and daring prints resulting in a unique, festive and sophisticated signature. The cosmopolitan culture and Latin influence of Luli Fama are visible in contemporary silhouettes and intense patterns. Luli and Augusto work with artists to create custom designs for all their prints, ensuring each piece tells a story.
  • Luna Di Giorno Sponge
    Luna di Giorno line is a unique line of beachwear and homewear products; this collection covers the needs of the stores that require premium quality products, that are unique in their design. Exclusive coordinate lines, designs, accuracy in the confection, comfort and softness are the adjectives that better describe this Italian-made collection from the finest selection of fabrics, exquisite embroideries, prints and laces where the tradition and the classic taste are combined with innovation, new trends and styles. Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter collections are composed of many complete lines (woman and man), each consisting of a wide range of bathrobes, towels, pareo, sea towels, poncho, turban, head band, slippers, shoes, thongs, pochettes, bags, household items, gift ideas, all coordinated each other. The items are produced in precious terry loop fabrics, velour terry fabrics and waffle, embellished with embroideries, prints, trimmings, fittings, details, always in new and different colours and with modeling that range from the most classic to the most particular. Nobody can offer such complete and coordinate lines in the beachwear and homewear sectors, lines that are the result of our 48 years experience. All the collections are completely made in Italy.
  • Maryan Mehlhorn
    MARYAN MEHLHORN We are very excited to have been awarded as brand partner for Maryan Mehlhorn swimwear. Lingerie Caroline has been awarded with this exclusive brand partnership with Maryan Mehlhorn as our company has strived to offer the widest collection of this brands swimwear available to purchase online. Maryan Mehlhorn Swimwear is one of the most luxurious brands of beachwear you'll find today. Designed and manufactured in Germany, Maryan Mehlhorn looks beautiful, fits perfectly and is a pure pleasure to wear. The designers are carefully curated and the materials are perfectly selected. All this effort goes to make the best quality swimsuits and bikinis, as well as the most up-to-the-minute fashion pieces.Featuring carefully selected colour combinations and a choice of sumptuous fabrics the Maryan Melhorn swimwear range features pieces ranging from simple, elegant, chic designs to eye catching prints on a range of great swimwear garments. As well as bikinis and traditional swimsuits Lingerie Caroline also stocks pareos great to wear on or off the beach, dresses, tunics and kaftans.Many of the pieces in the Maryan Melhorn collection form part of a set so you can choose a bikini or swimsuit with an accompanying pareo or kaftan for a coordinated look from and to the beach or just choose individual garments. With the simple, timeless designs many of the pieces will also look great with a skirt or jeans and open top or unbuttoned blouse. Great for that versatile look while travelling light on holiday. Maryan Mehlhorn has always aimed for timeless pieces, but that doesn't stop them from crafting their swimwear around modern trends and the customers' needs. Maryan Mehlhorn produces swimwear in a large selection of sizes, accommodating all body shapes and sizes.The 2016 Collection from Maryan Mehlhorn at Lingerie Caroline features a nautical inspiration with feminine twist, graphical motifs in the style of Mondrian and creative and innovative printsMaryan Mehlhorn was born and raised in Germany. She inherited a designer bathing suit business from her parents. 30 years ago, she decided to launch her own brand, which gave birth to Maryan Mehlhorn. With the help of her husband, Thomas Mehlhorn, they have created this international known brand that has exceeded fashion boundaries with the best bathing suits styles and designs. Her styles reflect a luxurious, confort and sophisticated lifestyle.
  • Marlies Dekkers Beach
    Marlies Dekkers (Elisabeth Maria Johanna Dekkers, Oosterhout, 29 november 1965) is a famous Dutch lingerie designer. She has achieved international success with her lingerie designs. As the pioneer of the trend 'innerwear as outerwear' Marlies Dekkers has proven her versatility without a doubt. Her designs are seen nationally and internationally as trendsetting, innovative and pioneering. Marlies Dekkers has changed the world of lingerie for good with her inspiring designs and personal philosophy. All her designs are inspired by her own vision on life, and she wants to give women more self confidence.

    The Swimwear Collection, of Dutch designer Marlies Dekkers, offers the modern-day woman an inspired range of contemporary and colorful swimwear pieces with unparalleled attention to detail. Designed for the confident and fashion-conscious woman, each piece in the collection offers uncompromising style and fit at the beach and on the boardwalk. Equally adept at concealing as it is as revealing, the Swimwear collection never fails to showcase the beauty of the female body in its best light.

    My Puritsu collection is designed for stylish sirens. Inspired by the sensual sophistication of the Japanese art of folding (‘puritsu’ meaning fold) I created swimwear that dazzles with elegance. The suede-like fabric is supersoft to the touch while the stylish folds are guaranteed to bring out your timeless beauty. A sprinkle of gold-coloured details adds a subtle sparkle. Wear my Puritsu collection and and turn the beach into your catwalk!

    My Holi Vintage collection is designed for classical beauties. The cut is classic yet seriously sexy, while a cleverly laid out pattern accentuates your curves in all the right places. Exude vintage star quality in my Holi Vintage collection.

    My Holi Glamour collection is designed for true glamourettes. The iridescent finish of the fabric makes your skin glow while the sexy braided straps and metallic details add pizazz and style. Dare to sparkle!

  • Marie Jo Swim
    Live a different experience, an irreproachable maintenance, absolute quality and fashion concepts. Since 1981, Marie Jo has been synonymous with elegance and refinement. The brand has years of experience and know-how in maintenance and cutting, which is reflected in every detail. Marie Jo lingerie is for the woman who lives with her time and according to fashion. It is made for all times, for all occasions. Sometimes sensual, sometimes strict. Sometimes wild, sometimes romantic. Let yourself be seduced by the two collections: Marie Jo and Marie Jo L'Aventure. Both will boost your confidence and seduction and you will shine! Can we dream better definition of luxury?
  • Max Mara Beachwear
  • Miradonna by Miraclesuit
    Miradonna by Miraclesuit, is a new brand of shaping swimwear arising from the marriage of two successful swimwear companies: Miraclesuit, the American leader in shaping swimwear and AFS International, a major Italian swimwear powerhouse that has been marketing its swimwear and beachwear brands internationally for decades. The Miradonna name carries in itself a message in two parts which tells the story of our brand: Mira is an invitation to admire the great Italian designs that will embrace the beauty of the Donna, the feminine Woman this swimwear line wishes to celebrate.
  • Pierre Mantoux
    Pierre Mantoux is synonymous of luxury, quality and made in Italy, these are just some features admire from designers of High Fashion and Pret-a-porter with thouse its work: Alaïa; Alberta Ferretti; Bottega Veneta; Chanel; Dolce & Gabbana; Ferragamo; Giorgio Armani; Gucci Lacroix; Mila Schon; Mugler; Saint Laurent; Versace. A family company founded over eighty years of the indivisible values: exclusivity, tradition, innovation and Made in Italy. Pierre Mantoux has transformed the use of the sock in one of the most intriguing accessories of the women world.
  • Prima Donna Swim
  • Roidal
    Founded in 1980 in Salomó, a village near Tarragona, Roidal is a family-run highly professional business, dedicated to designing and manufacturing women’s swimwear and accessories. The most important attributes being: quality, innovation and fit.Roidal soon began to internationalize its business, and now after 35 years in the swimwear business it is currently present in over 25 countries and almost 90% of its turnover comes from exporting to countries, where the brand is sold through specialised retailers.The company place great emphasis on the quality of their fabrics and raw materials and have the highest standards with regard to production and quality control, Roidals outstanding colours and prints positions them at the forefront of creative design and market leaders in the swimwear business. All of the print designs are fashioned in-house with special focus on the selection of patterns, using the most modern techniques in textile printing.The Roidal Collections which now include the diffusion range of Tessy Beachwear by Roidal is aimed at the youngest to those who require larger sizes and bigger cups. Every collection involves design choices based on the exclusivity and elegance of the latest fashion trends and a careful selection of fabrics and accessories which provide the delicate attention to detail. Each season the design team create beautiful pareos, dresses and cover-ups to fully co-ordinate with both swimsuits and bikinis.In 2012 Roidal won an award from the Government of Catalonia for its achievement in business internationalization and its huge increase in export sales.Roidal currently exhibits at all the main swimwear trade shows both at national and international level.
  • Sunflair
  • Simone Pérèle
  • Taubert
  • Watercult
    Trendy models and versatile cuts inviting to travel. Bringing the sun into your life is the will of Watercult. Because on vacation, your swimsuit is your most faithful ally, Watercult surfs on the trends to offer you refined models with the sought-after curves and the minute details which give them a crazy charm. Sometimes classic, sometimes ethnic or graphic prints, here are models you can not do without! This brand mixes class with styles so that every woman can navigate. Because it alone symbolizes the holidays and what the summer to hotter and more exciting.