Caroline’s History

Everything has started in 1963, few months before Florence’s birth, when Grandma Henriette, also called “Mémé Riri” has opened a Lingerie shop. Mémé Riri, who always worked in the textile industry, has decided to go ahead and achieve her dreams on her own. The first step in this wonderful adventure has been the purchase of a haberdashery, in Rue de France, and then she gave birth to Caroline.
Enthusiast by this new field, she has quickly developed the activity by adding the corseterie, and then formed her daughter FanFan to run the store.

In between threads and fabric, a baby grown up. Florence has been a part of the shop since 50 years now. Even when she was just a child, she always lend an ear to women’s expectations.

With a strong determination Henriette’s daughter, FanFan, has introduced the night lingerie, and later in the 70s, swimwear was sold at Caroline. Moreover, the shop’s history is based on a motto inspired by Riri, who says: “the most important pleasure, is working with the heart”

At this time, Florence was a teenager and has performed amazingly in the French Ski Team. It is in the mid 80s that she has been invested between bras and panties. This was the epic of the “3 drôles de dames”.
In this historical shop, three generations were ready to listen and satisfy their customers. With professionalism and cheerfulness, without forgetting an amusing outspoken, they have been the image of the lingerie in Nice and have been called “the three musketeer’s Lingerie”. Riri, FanFan and Florence became experts in corseterie and especially in big bra cup.

Later Florence brought her first personal touch and decided to insert Men’s Lingerie in Rue de France. Having her dad as partner, Florence always remembered the idea of notorious advertising campaigns and made her own one: “ For your leaning chest, solution is Lingerie Caroline”.

In 1995, Florence became the main owner. She developed the shop with success and both attract and retain customers.
Thanks to her immersion in the shop since her childhood, she learnt to appreciate her loyal clients and advised them with best results, favoring both wellbeing and quality.
By choosing good brand designers’ products and quality, Caroline has always targeted a large customer base that reaches many generations.
Moreover, with her sew skills, Florence was and is able to satisfy every customer and adjust the product.
The progressive success of the shop has raised in Florence the desire to grow.
With the support of her partner for life and husband Marc-André, who is also in charge of administrative works for Caroline, she decided to open a second lingerie Caroline shop in Menton for 2012.
For the first time, Florence had to build everything from adapting modern technologies to get new customers, and also spreads Caroline’s history and proficiency.
Once the challenge done, Caroline has gathered the best professionals in order to satisfy every customer, and stick to the model based on the “three musketeers”. Today, Caroline offers you more than 60 brand designers, in a modern, joyous and relaxed atmosphere. Customers will find support for their enquiries and help in their choices that must be took in consideration as 80% of women today, wore a wrong size bra.

Today, crossing different lingerie’s exhibitions, Florence is an expert about new trends and then she invests in exceptional brand designers such as Marlies Deckkers and ID.Sarrieri by Swarovski. She also works with many famous brand reputed for their quality, from the tights with: Gerbe, Pierre Mantoux, Trasparenze to sexy and chic underwear: Aubade, Lise Charmel, or specialized: Prima Donna, Wacoal, Masquerade, Marie Jo, she additionally works with nightwear, loungewear and beachwear such as Twin-Set by Simona Barbieri, Club Voltaire, Le Chat, Laurence Tavernier, Marjolaine and Rose Pomme.

The last step of lingerie Caroline’s development is the creation of an online shop, set up in autumn 2014. The French Riviera shop, Caroline, ships in Europe, Canada and United States.
A good delivery service is guaranteed with the possibility of returns, refunds and exchanges.

Lingerie Caroline is today a real company, ran by a passionate people who are expert in modern tendencies and specialized lingeries, helped by a specialized and reputed customer adviser, Armande.

Both Nice and Menton shops are based on history and professionalism in order to retain customers and advise every woman/man in the need. Lingerie Caroline’s team is ready to listen with attention and honesty any enquiries.

The team Caroline is looking forward to hear from you.